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Frequently Asked Questions

The latest Questions that have been submitted and answered.

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Q and A: What is the legislation required to install strips including blocks of fits into new or existing residential development

Q and A: What is the legislation required to install strips including blocks of fits into new or existing propertie

Q and A: How can i find out if the previous owners have permission to knock down a wall?

Q and A: My neighbour has a storm drainpipe without a drain, the water is soaking through my wall.

Q and A: On my moms house the masonary above her bedroom window has bowed in the middle

Q and A: I live in a new build house. The window cills outside are almost flush with the brickwork

Q and A: The field adjoining the rear of my garden has been sold and the new owner has erected an electric fence.

Q and A: Are concrete trench blocks adequate footings for a garden wall that is going to be,

Q and A: My garage shares a common wall with my property. Do i need permission to put a door through?

Q and A: I want to put a pitched roof on an existing flat roof.

Q and A: Are concrete trench blocks adiquate footings for a garden wall?

Q and A:Can building regulations for footings be passed from photographs?

Q and A:Can i use thermalite blocks for the foundation of my conservatory?

Q and A: Roof Extension Which Will Go Above My Landing Window Sill

Q and A: New Owners Want To Tear Down House And Build A Log Scandinavian Cabin

Q and A: Neighbour Is Building An Extension And We Have Just Sold Our House, But The Buyers Might Pull Out.

Q and A: Do Paths Have To Comply With Any Building Regulations?

Q and A: Where Do I Fit Fire Rated Down Lighters?

Q and A: Build An Extension Of Under 10m2 For Downstairs Toilet, What Building Regs Do I Need?

Q and A: Does a person have the right to channel his rainwater onto my land?

Q and A: Planning Permission to increase height of an old fireplace to insert a tall fridge.

Q and A: I live on a corner plat and want a bedroom bungalow build on my side or front garden.

Q and A: I want to extend my property and i was told this land is called a Right in Common

Q and A: Property restrictions which is that you cant plant a hedge on a perimeter fence

Q and A: Planning Permission for stables?

Q and A: My house has a balcony with no Building Regulations Approval when i brought it. What can i do?

Q and A: I have had a balcony for 5 years, someone has wrote a compaint

Q and A: What does it mean when a survey report states trespassing boiler flue?

Q and A: What is the head clearance height for a stair case?

Q and A: Can i put a conservatory on a council house without Planning Permission?

Q and A: My neighbour wants to convert a small barn 2.5 metres from my house is this too close?

Q and A: Does roofing repair work come under the Party Wall Act?

Q and A: Barn conversion in the cartilage of a Listed Building?

Q and A: Im doing work for a disabled person, what door furniture do i fit?

Q and A: Do i need planning permission for outdoor equipment

Q and A: My neighbour has put their staircase to their loft on the party wall and it is very noisy.

Q and A: Dimensions for wheelchair access through a door?

Q and A: Can my neighbours spread of foundation overlap?

Q and A: Window locks - do they need to be locked for insurance purposes?

Q and A: How many doors should i have between my kitchen and bathroom?

Q and A: Can i convert a double length garage in a living room

Q and A: My neighbours single extensions soffits and guttering will overhang my property.

Q and A: I have found MDF used as a surround trim on my windows

Q and A: What doe's the closed in stage of building mean on a house for sale?

Q and A: Can i join two houses 4m apart in any way?

Q and A: Do i require a conservation roof light in a conservation area?

Q and A: What are the building regulation requirements on the size of hearth on open fires?

Q and A: I live in 3 storey flats does each block require disability entrance ramps?

Q and A: Planning Permission to enclose my balcony to create a study?

Q and A: Should foundations for ramp and external steps be laid at the same time?

Q and A: When erecting guttering under eaves, does the distance between supports depends on the size and pitch of the roof?

Q and A: Having gained Planning Permission, my architect doesn‘t know if I need to move my metre boxes.

Q and A: Can i build a lean-to extension to the back of a ground floor maisonette?

Q and A: I own a semi-attached house and my neighbours are attached to my sewer.

Q and A: How do i get rid of hairline cracks in new plaster?

Q and A: What is the maximum lenght of 290mm cavity wall constructed from 100mm blocks

Q and A: How much weight in 1 cubic metre or 40mm stone in tonnes?

Q and A: What are the regulations for the height in the relation to the finished ground of a disabled ramp access?

Q and A: My neighbour is building a garage 20 ft by 20 ft. What are the regulations regarding guttering?

Q and A: Planning permission to erect a front garden lamp post?

Q and A: Who pays for the 3rd surveyor if agreement cannot be met in a neighbour disagreement

Q and A: Increase the height of a fire place opening

Q and A : I have a building 10ft x 10ft. What size soakaway would it require?

Q and A: Can my neighbour put an air source heat pump 2 feet from a boundary and 8 feet from my house?

Q and A: My porch bricks have frost damage due to incorrect bricks - What can I do to repair the damage?

Q and A: I get condensation in my loft during winter which causes damp on my bedroom ceiling

Q and A: Does my neighbour have to seek my permission to replace his soffits and gutters that join mine?

Q and A: Does it cost me to get permission to prune trees in a conservation area?

Q and A: What regulations exist regarding air conditioning...

Q and A: My shower isn´t powerful enough, what can I do to boost the pressure?

Q and A: How to solve very loud reverberation in hot water taps?

Q and A: How do you get window sealant off brickwork?

Q and A: I live on the middle floor with noisy neighbours above who have no floor insulation, whos responsibility is this?

Q and A: What wood should I use to build a garage gate?

Q and A: How do I put a concrete driveway down on my front garden?

Q and A: Does a whirlpool bath with pump fitted below bath need to be notified as part P?

Q and A: I want to build a large shed in my garden...

Q and A: I have a small hole in the chimney breast?

Q and A: I want to cover my existing soffit and fasica boards...

Q and A: Do I need to get permission to get the council to drop the kerb?

Q and A: My pantry needs to be repainted?

Q and A: How much does it cost to move incoming electric mains cable?

Q and A: I would like to build a picket fence 55ft long...

Q and A: Can I submit a building regs application online?

Q and A: Extending a garage with a utility room.

Q and A: How do I fit an acrylic shower tray with non 90 deg walls?

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