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Application Process

Article 181 [ added on 14-09-2009, updated on 12-08-2010 ]

You can apply for Planning Permission in the traditional “hard copy” way although many Local Authorities can now accept online applications.

Planning application process online

Most councils will provide, free of charge planning booklets.

Before making an application, discuss the proposal informally with a planning officer. The advice is given free and on a goodwill basis, however it is not binding to the council which has to consider all relevant matters including the views of the public before reaching a final decision.

Steps when submitting an application:

•    As a professional user or a member of the public you can submit your planning application electronically or by hard copy to you Local Council.
•    Discuss your proposal with your neighbours. You will need their consent if you require access via their land.
•    Submit plans, complete forms and the appropriate fee. Ensure that all relevant questions and certificates are completed and signed.

Processing an application:

•    The council checks that your application is valid and complete and that the appropriate fee has been paid
•    The application is acknowledged with a reference number and placed in the public register.
•    Notification or consultation letters are sent to neighbours, councillors, outside groups, relevant government agencies and other council departments. The application may be advertised in the press or on site if appropriate or if a legal requirement
•    A planning officer may visit the site, assesses the application and advises if additional information will be required
•    A Decision Notice is sent to the applicant (or agent if used) with conditions or reasons for the refusal
•    Refused applicants may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate

Refusal of Planning Permission

If your application is rejected by the Local Authority you have the right to appeal against the decision. The reasons for the refusal will be printed on the refusal notice. The planning inspector may visit the site and in due course will issue a decision

The Planning Inspector rate does not currently charge for appeals.

You may consider using the services of legal firms specially in planning appeals on a planning consultation. This would, of course, bring extra cost.

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