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Concrete Floor

Article 251 [ added on 22-09-2009, updated on 12-05-2010 ]

Planning Permission  

You don’t need Planning Permission to create or replace a floor.

If the dwelling is situated in a “designated area” i.e. Conservation Area, Listed Building, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Planning and other permissions may be required.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations approval is not generally needed. If it is required it should comply with annual standards of thermal insulation.

Concrete surfaces

•    Stamped

While the concrete is fresh stamping a pattern into the concrete leaves texture and patterns to your floor. Stamping texture to look like other materials is common such as planks, brick, and stone and wood.

•    Sealed
Applying a concrete sealer can protect you floor from water, weather and stains. Making it easier to clean and non-slip resistance there are clear protectors and coloured to suite your benefits.

•    Polished

Polishing a concrete floor leaves a gleaming shine. Most concrete floor can be polished until smooth and shiny as you want them but this makes them slippery.

•    Scored
Using a saw to do slight cuts makes grooves and allows you to show texture and patterns.

•    Coloured

There’s many ways to colour your concrete floor, Staining your floor is popular as every concrete floor is different due to how its is mixed using one of the two types of stains Reactive which is a water based acidic that contains metallic salts which reacts with the lime in the concrete.

Non –Reactive water based acrylic are easier to apply and have a lot more range or colours which leave a more cloudy colour on your concrete floor. 

•    Dyes are another way to decorate your floor. Bright colours are easily made also Jewell tones and earthy looks.

•    Colour Hardeners is a powder sprinkled onto fresh concrete which creates a hard solid surface by reacting with the concrete moisture. The colour is only layered the top of the surface.

Cleaning an Caring For Your Floor

•    The installation should come with cleaning advice.
•    Indoor concrete floors you can clean with a brush to remove surface dirt, best results is scrubbing with warm water and a soft brush.

•    Outdoor concrete floors can also be cleaned with a brush and water or Evan hosed down.
•    Waxing is a easy way to get back the shine in stained floors
•    Wipe up any kind of spill with a damp cloth.
•    Door maps are a good way to maintain your floor and stop dirt getting on your floor.

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