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What Is Building Regulations?

Article 259 [ added on 24-09-2009, updated on 13-05-2010 ]

The Building Regulations ensure minimum standards of construction, means of escape, protection from fire, facilities for the disabled, energy conservation and safety issues regarding heating appliances including boilers and associated work (liquid petroleum gas and domestic fuel tanks etc).


In a domestic situation a good deal of internal work and extension work will require Building Regulation Consent. Certain work is exempt.

Extensions, loft and conversions, internal structural work, double glazing, electrical installations, heating appliances will all require some form of Building Regulations input.

Carports, verandas, porches, conservatories, covered ways and certain detached buildings are exempt from Building Regulation Control subject to size limitation.

Industrial and Commercial

Almost all industrial and commercial work will require Building Regulations Consent; the range of exempt work in this range is limited.

Types of building work that should comply with Building Regulations

•    The erection or extension of a building.
•    The installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the regulations.
•    Insertion of insulation into a cavity wall.
•    An alteration project in which the work will temporarily or permanently affect the ongoing compliance of the building (i.e. affect requirements relating to structure, access, fire safety or the use of the building). Check with your Local Authority.
•    Underpinning of the foundations of a building.

More detailed guidance on Building Regulations

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