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Floor Insulation

Article 262 [ added on 25-09-2009, updated on 20-05-2010 ]

Planning Permission  

Planning Permission is not required for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing floor.

If the dwelling is situated in a “designated area” i.e. Conservation Area, Listed Building, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Planning and other permissions may be required.

Building Regulations

All new floors must be insulated to the standards of L1A - Conservation of Fuel and Power (New dwellings) in the Approve Documents of the Building Regulations which provides specific guidance.

Existing Floors

Formal Building Regulations Approval is not required when upgrading the thermal insulation of existing floors. It may not be practical to achieve current standards of insulation depending on circumstances. It should be possible however to achieve reasonable standards.

Timber floors can be upgraded by the installation of material between the joists; this will require the temporary removal of the floor boards.

Concrete floors
require considerable work to upgrade insulation, it requires the total removal and replacement of the floor.

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