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Internal Doors

Article 327 [ added on 26-10-2009, updated on 12-08-2010 ]

Planning Permission  

Under normal circumstance if repairing, fitting or replacing doors you will not require Planning Permission provided the “permitted development” allowance has not been used up or removed from the dwelling.

If the dwelling is situated in a “designated area” i.e. Conservation Area, Listed Building, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Planning and other permissions may be required.

Building Regulations

You don’t require Building Regulations to change or replace a door.

You are able to use unregistered D.I.Y. installers to fit doors but will need an approved inspector to check them and issue a certificate of compliance.

Dimensions For Wheelchair Access Door Width

In a domestic situation the clear width should be a minimum of 775mm. The clear width is the measurement from the open door to the door frame opposite.

In a commercial situation the minimum clear width 800mm in a head on approach. This dimension will be increased up to 1000mm if the approach is angled.

Also note there are other features to be incorporated such as limiting the pull force required to open the door and identifying or guarding projections in the location of the door and entrance.

More Info On Facilities For The Disabled


French doors

French doors can make a dramatic difference to your home. French doors are usually 35 or 45 mm thick panel doors with different shapes, sizes and types of glass allowing sunlight to get through.

Sliding doors

These are available in wood and glass. They do not require welding and are easy to assemble. The doors slide effortlessly into the wall and the complete wooden joinery gives them a beautiful finish.

Panel doors

Panelled doors are made by divided panels set back from the door front. There can be any number of panels to form a pattern. They are usually made from timber sheets into a frame or by pressing hard board onto the frame itself. They come in all types of timber and designs.

Flush doors

Flush doors have a flat surface on both sides either pre-finished or they can be brought ready painted, available for interior or exterior use.
They can be solid or hollow and are featured on most modern houses and buildings.

Glass doors

Glass doors come with easy fitting instructions. They can be made to measure and allow plenty of light into your home. If you’re looking to update and give your property a modern look, glass doors are a great choice. BS 6026 is used for all glass doors.

Braced doors

Extremely fashionable and the can give your home a traditional cottage appearance.       
These solid oak doors can be brought from most D.I.Y. stores and are made by using a z-shaped frame with tongue and groove interlocking boards. They are heavyweight and can be shaped to fit most doors.

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