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Gutters and Drainpipes

Article 390 [ added on 30-03-2010, updated on 20-07-2010 ]

Planning Permission  

Under normal circumstance most gutters and drainpipes will not require Planning Permission provided the “permitted development” allowance has not been used up or removed from the dwelling.

If the dwelling is situated in a “designated area” i.e. Conservation Area, Listed Building, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Planning and other permissions may be required.

Building Regulations

Replacing existing guttering does not normally need approval from the building regulations as long as you are only replacing or repairing.


Gutters, just under the edge of the roof, direct rainwater running down the roof to the drainpipes and prevent water from running down the sides of the property. Blocked gutters can cause serious damp problems to paintwork and brickwork.

Cleaning out your gutters every year for any moss, rubbish and weeds by hand is a good way to keep your gutters clean. Before using a hose pipe to clean your gutter, make sure it is clear of any rubbish that can block your drain pipes. The best time to clean your gutter is after autumn as you can clear leaves out of your gutter. Whilst doing this, check for any leaks, damage or rusting areas.

Make sure you check your drainpipes for damages or blockages to avoid flooding. Putting a ball of chicken wire at the top of the drainpipe will trap leaves and rubbish allowing you to easily clean it each year.

Gutter and drainpipe types

Gutters are constructed out of copper, aluminium, galvalume steel, freedom grey copper, zinc, lead coated copper and paint grip steel. You can get a range of accessories such as gutter guards which stop leaves and rubbish going into your gutters. Covers, medallions and rain chains are all available.
You could lead the guttering from your roof to plants or just away from your home. Drain pipes come in a variety of materials to match your gutter; also drain pipe filters can be fitted to reuse any rainwater for your plants or for a water feature.

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