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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Article 398 [ added on 31-03-2010, updated on 25-06-2010 ]

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) or Sustainable Drainage System (SDS)

SUDS or SDS is a strategic approach to surface water drainage.


Conventionally, surface water has been connected to an available storm sewer with no regard for the adverse consequences downstream – a non sustainable situation. Flooding, pollution and amenity have been ignored.


Sustainable Urban Drainage provides solutions with in the developed site by managing flow rate, maintaining water quality, ensures that system is in tune with environmental needs and tops up underground water supplies. Localised potential pollution can be identified and managed.

Additional Benefits

SUDS can permit development in areas previously considered unsuitable due to problems with surface water disposal.

Approvals & Agencies

Several agencies/Authorities have an interest in SUDS. It is for the developer to demonstrate an effective SUDS solution on any particular development. Planning Approval would be dependent on demonstrating a workable SUDS design.

Long Term

The responsibility for long term maintenance for a SUDS facility is unclear. A ground rent charge could prove one solution.

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