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Rainwater Harvesting

Article 413 [ added on 12-04-2010, updated on 12-08-2010 ]

Rainwater can be used for:

Rainwater can be harvested and put to further use. The system will gather, filter and store the water until it is used. If the rainwater starts to run low, the mains water supply will take over as normal. Using a pumped system, the rainwater can then be passed through the home, and used for a variety of tasks, such as:

•    Toilet flushing
•    Washing machines (Clothes)
•    Watering the garden
•    Washing the car and other outside uses

The plumbing system for your rainwater must be kept separate from the mains supply, and labelled accordingly. The reclaimed rainwater cannot be use for drinking or food preparation.

Rainwater Tank Size and Maintenance.

The size of the water tank will considerably affect the amount of water you are able to store, rainwater tanks come in a variety of sizes, from as little as 30 Litres to a massive 20,000 Litres.
You should consider your water usage, and purchase a tank size accordingly.

The system will require occasional maintenance - filters will need replacing at specified intervals.

Some simple tips for conserving water

During your day-to-day routine, you can save water by following some very simple tips;

•    Turn of the tap when cleaning your teeth.
•    Mend dripping taps.
•    Put the plug in when washing hands etc.
•    Use a low flushing toilet or put a ‘hippo’ (or one litre drinks bottle filled with water) into your cistern.
•    Use the minimum amount of water required when you boil water in kettles etc.
•    A 5 minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath. (But a power shower can use more water than a bath in less than 5 minutes).
•    Cotton wool and tissues should be put in a waste bin rather than be flushed down the toilet.

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