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Article 422 [ added on 26-04-2010, updated on 12-08-2010 ]

Planning Permission  

Under normal circumstances patios do not require Planning Permission. The water runoff from an extensive hard paved area requires consideration. The disposal of the water should fall within the boundaries of the dwelling served by the patio. The water runoff should not result in a nuisance to adjacent properties. Additionally, the
water runoff should not discharge onto a highway.

If the dwelling is situated in a "designated area" i.e. Conservation Area, Listed Building, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Planning and other permissions may be required.

Building Regulations

A formal Building Regulation application is not required provided the patio does not compromise access to the property. This is to ensure access for the disabled is maintained.

Surface Drainage

The patio should, preferably, fall away from the house. This will ensure that rainwater is directed away from the house and water will not pond on the patio. Additionally, the water runoff should not discharge onto a highway.

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