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Q and A: What is the maximum lenght of 290mm cavity wall constructed from 100mm blocks

Article 955 [ added on 03-12-2010, updated on -- ]

Q. What is the maximum length of 290mm cavity wall constructed from 100mm blocks before returns or buttresses are required in Nottinghamshire. Thanks

A. Maximum lengths of certain walls can be calculated from the building regulations under certain conditions. 

The results will be different depending on the use of the building, the height of the building, if there are openings in the wall and so on.

Part A of the building regulations that covers this topic says for example in the section titled "Thickness of walls in certain small buildings" that:

  •  A 290mm thick wall can be up to 9m long for a restrained single storey portion when forming part of a 12m high construction. 
  • The section only is applicable to walls up to 12m high and long
  • The maximum floor area enclosed by such walls is 70 sq m for a four sided building or 36 sq m for a three sided building e.g. garage type building.

In addition brick manufacturer's advice should be sought for maximum length of wall between movement joints. 

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