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Building Insurance

Article 987 [ added on 07-04-2011, updated on -- ]


Buildings insurance should be sufficient to cover the cost of damage to the various elements of structure. Most insurance companies will include outbuildings in the policy.

The policy should also cover fixtures and fittings and the underground services for which you are responsible.

Ensure that potential costs are fully covered including all professional services. There is no merit in under insuring.

Damage can be a result of a number of situations; fire, flood, vandalism, subsidence, impact, etc. The circumstances will be detailed in the policy. It should be carefully checked prior to entering into the contract with the insurer.

The cover offered can be extended to accidental damage internally and the cost of any necessary alternative accommodation. Bear in mind that additional cover will add to the cost of the premium.

Who Should Insure

Any one applying for a mortgage will be required to take out insurance. As referred to above the amount insured should be sufficient to cover the rebuild. Note that your responsibility begins the moment contract are exchanged. Once the mortgage is paid (you become a freeholder) it is hugely advisable to continue with buildings insurance.

If you are a tenant/leaseholder the situation may be somewhat complicated. Check with the landlord the extent of your responsibility. Is the landlord responsible? Is it a condition of your lease? As always avoid the situation of under or no insurance.


  • Shop around
  • Check the amount of cover ­ is it sufficient?
  • Check the excess ­ the amount you must pay yourself.
  • Do you qualify for any discounts?


  • Be 100% honest with the information you provide to the insurer.
  • Keep your insurer advised of any changed in circumstances.
  • Do not allow the policy to lapse.



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